What does AHEAD OF THE GAME mean to us? 

Interaction. Fun. Live. Engaging. 

Throughout the program, we work with students to discover who they are. We set them on a path to self-discovery by familiarizing them with their own identities and strengths. 

In return? 

We watch them grow. They become stronger in who they are and build the confidence necessary to tackle the everyday struggles they may be facing. 

Our belief is that once young people understand who they are and the greatness that is inside of them, they are more comfortable with being open and sharing with others. When this is achieved, they open themselves up to love, acceptance, and healthy relationships. To this effect, they become re-engaged in family, school and their community. 

In every session, the facilitators of the AHEAD OF THE GAME Youth Mentoring Organization strive to create a judgment-free, safe space for young people to be themselves. We find that once they realize we are there to support them, they build the confidence to take educated risks, get involved in their school community, and be committed to something that is worthwhile. 

Through engagement, encouragement, sharing and support, we get them to realize that they are an inspiration to those around them and have the power to change lives by their own actions and the way they treat others. 

Through our mentoring programs and community initiatives, the AHEAD OF THE GAME Youth Mentoring Organization creates confident leaders who seek to make a positive difference in the world.