Since its inception, the AHEAD OF THE GAME Youth Mentorship Program has been able to make significant change in the lives of our student participants. We mark our success by the success of our students: through credits achieved, attendance and grades.  


In the last year alone, 95% of our students' potential credits were earned. In our all-boys' program, 19 of the 22 participants received 100% of their credits. This year, the group has grown to over 40 male participants.  


As far as attendance, AOTG reached a maximum of 94% on days when the boys' program was run. On days when the boys' program did not run, 89% of students still attended their classes.  


At mid-terms, the participants in our boys' program were en route to completing 84% of their credits. By the end of first semester, the participants in the boys' program went on to earn 95% of their credits.

AOTG is pleased to note that the participants in our boys' program earned 11% more of their credits by semester's end than at their mid-terms."