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As you approach the end of the week, month and year, it's important to take a few moments to reflect. How can you finish strong? What plans have you put in place to stay focused? Think about everything that has occured over the course of this year. Did you take the time to celebrate your small victories?

We don't often appreciate ourselves and little things that we do. Instead, we tend to focus on failures over our successes. We fear being viewed as cocky and pompous when we acknowledge the little victories in our lives. We've bought into the societal framework that says that fake humility - even when happiness in self-achievement is due - is wrong. We neglect to remind ourselves that we did did great this week. Or that we've been doing great this month.

So for the new year, take the time to show yourself some appreciation. Celebrate yourself. Treat yourself to something nice, whether you're a parent raising children or a teacher inspiring others or an employee giving off positive energy at the workplace. Celebrate your small wins and victories every single day. I can assure you that you'll realize you have been cultivating those seeds of greatness inside of you and have been inspiring someone in a positive way. So keep the great work. Think about it. Cherish it. Own it. And for the new year, #GetAfterIt.