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I was driving home yesterday doing my best to make it to a presentation at a college. I was cruising down the highway when suddenly a car less than 100 metres away cut into my lane. Admittedly, I was going about 140 km, and was probably more upset about having to slow down and drive the limit than I was about the person being in my lane.

Didn’t they know they were ruining my flow? Didn’t they realize they weren’t following the script I had set in my mind for how others should drive on the highway?

Now, the only thing that was on my mind was that I could possibly not get to where I needed to go because of the law-abiding citizen in front of me. 

Moments later, a hidden police car pulled off the side of the road with a radar gun out. The man who’d made me so upset by forcing me to obey the law saved me from getting into my own trouble.

I love sweets. I was one of those kids who’d dream about dessert. I love to eat; and while dinner was awesome, I would always look forward to a heavenly dessert. I would often beg my mother to have dessert, and as most mothers do, she’d make me wait until after I’d finished all the meaningful parts of my plate before I could stuff my face with sweets.

I never fully understood why she’d always made me wait until one day when my siblings and I were left to make our own dinners. Being the wise guy that I was, I took the liberty of rewarding myself with dessert before eating dinner.

The consequence? A massive stomachache and lack of sufficient food.

What do these two stories have in common?

Well, in both scenarios, I was near-sighted. I was only seeing what was directly in front of me as an immediate threat. In reality, these rules were put in place not to bring me discomfort or pain, but to do the exact opposite of that. They're meant to edify my life.

Yet, for whatever reason, I immediately viewed them as problems.

It is so easy to want things. It’s even easier to want them on your own timing. If these two examples weren’t clear indication enough, I’m here to tell you that sometimes our own timing isn’t the best.

Dessert should happen after dinner and you should go the speed limit on the road.

In the process of maturation, I’ve come to rely on God’s timing for things. Sometimes He tries to save us from downfalls, despite our stubborn nature telling Him that we know better. We sometimes only see the temptations in front of us and fail to recognize the consequences behind them.

We lack far-sightedness.

I encourage you to be far-sighted. This requires you to have faith. Have faith that you will receive all that you need and ask for in the right timing so it can benefit you. Have a great weekend and always remember to #GETAFTERIT!

- JH

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