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YOU are the greatest miracle in the world and you are in complete control of your destiny.  I have a question for you today: do you really know how great you are? How often when creating a dream or vision are our thoughts polluted by doubt? Is it common for you to want to do something and with pride and excitement you share your aspirations with another, but you're met with a wall of, you can'ts and don't bothers? Do some of us dwell on the obstacles in our way over the power that is within us to overcome those obstacles? It is so easy to feel sorry for yourself than to realize that you are the greatest miracle in the world and you are in complete control of your destiny.


I am a huge fan of Og Mandino, world renowned writer, philanthropist and motivational man. He tells a story about a duck he had named Disco. His son wins this duckling at school after the class hatched it as part of a science experiment. I doubt he wanted the duck, but being a parent sensitive to the joys of his son, he bought some lumber and built the duck a house in the backyard.  They named the duck Disco and put a sign with his name on it at the top of the house.  Mandino admits that the worst mistake


He made was building Disco's house right outside his bedroom window, for every morning around 5:30 this big beautiful duck would parade around the yard quacking. It would be one thing if he was quacking a beautiful song, as it may wake you to a wonderful symphony of duck. But not Disco.  The tone of Disco's quack was more on the complaining side. Disco was unhappy. Maybe he didn't like the food Mandino was feeding him. Maybe he felt like he wasn't being fed enough. Maybe he didn't like the conditions he was living in. Regardless of the reason, it was apparent that duck is complaining and unhappy.  If I didn't know that Disco was a duck I'd definitely think he was a person. You know one of those people who gripe and moan about their situation rather than making a difference. Like many people Disco doesn't realize that he has the power to change his own situation and the way he lives if he is not happy with it. All he has to do is fly. 


And by fly I mean he can simple make a change. He can flap his wings and fly away never to return, he can fly away for a break from his 5 star house and poor food, and later return, or he can simply change the way he does things in the yard. For example, Disco can invite friends over, have parties, etc. This would not be hard to market: Disco at Discos. The bottom line is, however he chooses, Disco can make a difference. But disco has a problem. It's a problem that many of us have. Disco doesn't know that he can fly.


Last week I posted a video about flying. It illustrates that there is a fight before you can take flight. So I understand that some may be afraid of the fight, but you've got to understand that you have the ability to fly. So cut the complaining, listening to naysayers and the voice of doubt in your head. Stop focussing on the mountains in front of you, for through faith they can be moved. And out your faith in the word that you are the greatest miracle in the world. You have the ability to change your circumstance. You have the ability to make a difference in your life. You have unlimited power. You have the ability to fly.