"He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying."

- Friedrich Nietzsche


I have this unrelenting belief that there is greatness inside of each and every single one of us. In everything that I do – mentoring, coaching or speaking – I believe there's greatness inside of everyone I encounter. My job, goal and purpose is to fish out that greatness out.

A lot of the people I encounter don't feel the same. After all, in order for you to manifest your greatness, you have to believe it. My question to you is: is that what you really believe? See, your belief is what's going to actually change your world. It will frame your world. In past motivational speeches, I talked about the changes a caterpillar will have during its lifetime. The caterpillar is in a situation. The caterpillar will encounter some struggles. The caterpillar will go through a fight so that it could get to its final form: flight.

Remember all those times you've had to rush to catch a flight and fought your way through security to catch your plane?

You’ve got to fight to fly.

There’s a fight that some of us have to go through. The greatness that’s inside you can be unlocked in more than one way.

One way is to be around people who are great at what they do. Mirror their actions and let that permeate your life. Surround yourself with people who are going to get that greatness out of you. These should be great people who are realizing their greatness at the same time you are realizing yours. I’m realizing mine now.

The other way is to fight; to go through things that are going to sharpen you to become better and wiser. They should sharpen you to build your confidence and your belief. People who will encourage you to fight in order to fly. You’ve got to fight before you take flight.

Sometimes we look at the fight as something that’s going to weigh us down, take up our energy or deter us from other work. You can look at this fight as a new challenge that will sharpen, mould or build you. We should embrace challenges that’ll take us to new heights and allow us to fly. Is it a fight that’s going to weigh you down? Or a fight that’s going to bring you to your flight?

It all depends on your belief. Who - or what - do you believe in? Do you really believe that there is greatness inside of you? Are you pulling it out? Do you believe that God created you with something inside of you so special and unique that you can change the world by the small things that you do? Do you believe that you are realizing more about yourself day after day? And ultimately, do you believe in you? I do. And I know that if I continue to challenge you, build you and push you, that greatness is going to come out of you. I believe in you, and I hope you do too.  


- JH

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