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"In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision."

- Dalai Lama


Can you see your vision? That goal or dream? Are you able to make out what your next step is?

See, vision is like a puzzle. A puzzle consists of tens, sometimes hundreds, and even in extreme cases, thousands of pieces. When you put all the pieces together, you're able to see this masterpiece.

I like to call it the Master’s piece.

I firmly believe that your life is the Master’s piece. I believe that the seasons, trials, tribulations and challenges you go through are just one piece of the puzzle. See, the thing is, if you don’t have vision to see the entire puzzle, you think that this one little piece you're experiencing is it.

When you’re young, your entire world begins and ends with school, friends and sometimes family. Even while you’re in high school, you think that your world is it. You exist within the four walls of the school. Though you were working towards something bigger (like post-secondary or the workforce), it was still your world. And you only saw that one piece. You couldn’t see the whole masterpiece. You didn't see the whole vision.

When you don’t see the entire vision, it’s easy to get discouraged because you think that you’ve got to make this part of your life a particular way. You think you’ve got to make a certain piece a specific way and you start to change things and move them around. You sometimes get frustrated. You’re no longer en route towards the plan. And when you alter a piece of the puzzle, you change that piece from fitting into the Masterpiece so that it no longer fits.

You’ve got to have vision so you can see the whole puzzle even when you’re only living out a piece of it right now. You've got to live each piece out faithfully, then add on another piece. And maybe another. Repeatedly.

The sum of these pieces will be the masterpiece of your life.

Can you see the full puzzle put together? If you can, you’ll know that the season of whatever you’re going through is just one part of the journey. You will move out of that season and step up into another level of greatness. You will keep rising to new heights and move through different seasons until you’ve finally lived out the Master’s piece. But you’ve got to see it first. Then you’ll have the mindset that this is just one more piece to add on so you can move through your challenges with optimism. You'll know that this season won't last forever.



- JH


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