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Do you remember the show Thomas and Friends? It began as a book and was turned into a children’s series about a little blue tank engine with the number 1 painted on his side. Being one of the youngest tank engines, Thomas went through his adventures being doubted, sometimes laughed at, looked down on and at times, not really taken seriously. throughout the series thomas and his tank engine conglomerates take us through adventures that teach viewers real life lessons. 


Thomas, that load is to big for you. Thomas, the challenge is too great, Thomas, what do you know, you’re only a young engine. We’ve been around a lot longer than you. 


Have you have heard something like this before in your own mind? Have you ever had something great, even if it wasn’t grandiose, something that was good that would make a difference. Something that you wanted to do.


As you contemplated your next step, Enter, discouragement: You can’t do that, I don’t think that is for you. You’ll probably fail. You’re not good enough.  Discouragement enters the scene to talk you out of things. SO what do you do? What do you do when you are just like every other normal person, and during the times that you are trying to movie towards, doubt creeps in to talk you out of it? What do you do?


Take it from Thomas. “i think I can, i think i can i think i can i think i can. Woot woot! Instead of listening to the wrong voices that tried to talk him out of it, Thomas listened to the right one and talked him into it. What is it that you are trying to do? What is doubt and discouragement saying to you to talk you out of it? What do you say to yourself in response? Talk yourself into it!


I can do this, I’ve done this before, greater is he that liveth in me, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I am a champion! Create your own dialogue so you are ready to fight doubt and discouragement all week and for the rest of your life. Talk yourself into your greatness. Get after it!