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The year is 2040. 

You're in your late 60's. You've recently retired. You're sitting in your condo by the lake shore, reading an online magazine about the latest in social media technology. Or maybe you've completely disconnected and are in a cabin in the woods up north. Either way, life has finally slowed down enough to give you a moment to reflect on all that you've accomplished on the last 6 decades on earth.

And it isn't much.

In a panic, you start to hyperventilate. The things that once brought you comfort are now a painful reminder of the lack of accomplishments from your past. The now-obsolete TV remote. The Kit-Kat bars. Netflix (or whatever futuristic version is out). Even photos of your grandchildren.

You realize that the most you've done in your life is sell your soul at a 9-5. Your biggest accomplishments are your children. Your only source of joy is their children who you try to live vicariously through.

You remember all those sleepless nights taking care of them, raising them, teaching them and even learning from them.

You thought that you were doing a fine job - your duty even - and going above and beyond by sticking around.

You thought you deserved praise for doing the bare minimum as a parent, wife, grandparent, and employee.

You thought that just because something took up your time, you were putting in work that no one else was willing to. 

You thought you were doing something.

Now suddenly, you wonder if it was ever worth it. 

There are thousands of people like you who wake up one day with the realization that they gave their maximum effort to others and minimal effort to their own hopes, dreams and life goals.

They wake up devoid of affirmation, lost and feeling hopeless. They spend their days wondering what could have been had they put in more time and effort on themselves.

They live lives full of "what ifs?" instead of "I remembers". 

Don't be that person.

If there's something you want to do while you're young, get after it.

If there's somewhere you'd like to go in this decade, get after it.

If there's someone you want to be, work towards becoming it.

Because the day will come when you will wake up and realize that those things you thought you'd have time to do will never happen until you make the first move.

Are you ready to make the first step?


- JH


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