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"Life's too short to hang out with people who aren't resourceful."

- Jeff Bezos

What do you have in your hand? The other day I talked about focus. Sometimes we have a goal or a dream we want so bad, but the problem isn’t our desire – it's our focus. Sometimes we focus on what people say, how people look at us and what they will think about us more so than focusing on what we have to accomplish it. Sometimes we focus on our liabilities and the odds that are stacked against us. What I want to direct your focus on is what you have in your hand.

I like to refer to the story of David and Goliath a lot. See, David was just a shepherd boy. He conquered a giant. But David wasn't able to do what he did with empty hands. He did it with a sling and a rock. Another one of the greatest leaders in the Bible – Moses – led the people out of slavery and captivity. He did it with the rod that was in his hand.

God came directly to Moses and said, “What is it that you have in your hand?”

Moses replied, “A stick.”

Moses thought little of his capabilities. He doubted what he could do with the vision, the task, the goal that was set before him. God told him to throw his stick on the ground, then He turned it into a snake. He then told Moses to pick his stick back up so He could turn it back into a stick.

Every time Moses performed a miracle, task, or deed, he used that same stick to part seas and perform mighty exploits.

My question to you today is what do you have in your hand? What resources do you have behind you? What people do you have who will connect you to where you need to go? Who and what do you have in your toolbox?

So often we are just one connection, person, meeting or outing away from achieving exactly what we want. We usually don’t take inventory of what we already have. We’re always on the hunt for something new. But sometimes old connections can be better than new ones. See, old connections come from previously established relationships, and they have the comfort of predictability. Someone who's been resourceful in the past has gained trust from you, by you, and is likely to continue to do the same. 

You’ve got this goal, dream, or desire – this something inside of you bubbling up and waiting to come out. You’ve got seeds of greatness that need pouring into. And they're growing. In order to get from one level to another, we need to see what we already have that can add a little spice to our meal. What is that thing that will take it over the threshold from good to great?

Never underestimate the size of the resources around you or someone else's ability to stretch forth and help you in your time of need. Make a list of who around you can add to your life and utilize them. They may be the key in taking you to another level.





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