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Ever wonder if what you're doing is actually making a difference?

We put all of our energy into our work. We hope that one day, that energy we put out into the universe - into our children - will one day come back to us.

Karma. Blessings. Whatever you believe in, you do what you do in part because of reciprocity, correct?

But what happens when you don't see the immediate fruits of your labour?

It can be tiring to pour into someone day in and day out without an immediate return. It can put a strain on your faith in the work that you do.

But I have a message for you.

Never get tired. Never grow weary.

One day, you will reap a harvest. All of those seeds that you planted and watered - all the things that you do every single day of your life - are adding, nurturing and bringing forth some kind of harvest.

You can never give up.

At Ahead of the Game, we run a boys' group. After about 15-20 weeks, we finish the session by creating vision boards. We have different outcomes that we look for in the children and things that we hope to accomplish. 

If I'm being completely honest with you, it’s tough.

It's tough because we sometimes have two or three groups in one day. It's tough because when you meet the students, you want to see an instant improvement. It’s tough because sometimes you feel like you’re watering a seed that isn’t growing. And when you get to this feeling, it actually makes you tired.

We want instant gratification. When that doesn't happen, it can take a toll on you. Sometimes I take a step back and wonder if it's really worth it.

But one thing I never do is give up.

The dream that you had – whether it’s for you or for someone else – is too big to let go.

Its too big to flounder onto the waste side. It’s too big for that seed to just be dropped on pavement. 

There is somebody out there who is counting on you, looking at you, and listening to you. They're waiting for their next move. They need to know how to plan for success. They need to know how to create a vision. They need to know how to succeed .

When you thought you couldn't keep going, keep going. Someone else is depending on you whether you realize it or not.


- JH

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